Real Golf Alexa FAQ

Do I need to have an Alexa Device to use this product?

No, you can use the product on your mobile phone using the Alexa App.

When can I use the Alexa App on my mobile phone?

You can use the Alexa App on your phone whenever you want.

Can I use the Alexa App on the golf course?

Yes, you can use the Alexa App on the golf course but will need internet access.

How does the Alexa App differ from other competing Apps?

The Real Golf Alexa App is the first App to assist the golfer in booking tee times and engaging in feedback.

What are the benefits of using the Alexa App on my mobile phone?

There are many, but the main benefit is you don’t have to buy a separate device.

What is so special about using the Alexa App?

It is voice driven with visual clues to confirm which commands have been activated.

What features can I use by using the alexa App?

Using the Alexa App you can book Tee Times, reschedule Tee Times, or cancel Tee Times. You can also communicate directly with personnel of the golf course.

Can the Alexa App tell me the yardage of the course?

No, the Alexa app from Amazon is not GPS aware.

Can the Alexa App show me the layout or a fly over of the golf course?

No, the Real Golf Alexa app does not have golf course detailed information. Our Real Drones offering maybe of interest for Drone Video and Drone Turf Analysisi

Can I see the rates of what a golf course has to offer using the Alexa App?

No, but the Real Golf online tee time web version does support for eCommerce.

Is the Alexa App really worth using?

Using your voice can be much more efficient and save you time instead of having to go onto a website.

How much does the Alexa App cost?

The Alexa App is free to download onto your mobile phone from the Apple Store and/or the Google Play Store. The Real Golf Alexa Skill is available here